The Dinner Show with Viola & Helen Woigk:




Chicago 30s: Prohibition, gambling, illicit distilling and Al Capone are booming. Swing is the spirit of this time. Mafiosi, slide and black marketeers fill the casinos.


VIOLA WOIGK & THE SWING OF GODFATHERS invite you and your guests on a journey.

Swing side story with Helen Woigk
Dinner show Berlin Helen, WoigkViola,Thomas Woigk

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The Swing music show takes place in 4 acts, between them, drinks, and a matching food can be served. The band and the actors like to adapt to the situation and communicate with your audience. The technique can be provided at extra cost.

For multiple bookings in one place a discount of 30% is possible.


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East Side Productions

Tel. +49 30 47558097

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Georg Kaminiczny (guitar)

Thomas Woigk (Don Castillo)

Robert Goeber (bass)

Gabriele Woigk (foster family)

Viola Woigk (singing, story director)

Frank (foster family)

Helen Woigk (Sophia)

Janko Lauenberger (guitar)

Robert Körössi (Emiglio)



VIOLA WOIGK presented here with her swing tape



and starring


Helen Woigk, Robert Körössi, Thomas & Woigk guests


a dinner show with good old Swing & Jazz of the 20s, 30s, wrapped in a love story in the American Mob Milleau this time.

Jazz Swing band for hire or book worldwide, international special prices for Switzerland,Monaco,Dubai,Japan,France iola Woigk