Viola & The Godfathers of Swing

The Swing Band from Berlin!


Viola con Padrinos is a German jazz and swing band from Berlin.

The swing band exists in various constellations since 1996.

The core of the Swing Band have since remained Viola Woigk (voc.) and Janko Lauenberger (g.) reinforced by Robert Goeber (db.), Bernd Huber (vl.) and Georg Kaminiczny (g.).

The various guest musicians leave the band constantly reinventing itself.

The jazz musicians played on various occasion events (see references) and for audiences of all ages, whether it's a jazz festival, a concert, a gala,

to receiving or celebrations and festivals. The Swing Band Viola con Padrinos is one of the few gypsy jazz bands perform your program with singing.

The jazz musicians play their guitar-jazz live mostly on double bass, guitars, vocals and violin in the jazz duo, jazz trio to a swingtett.

Viola Woigk Vocals

The Musicians

Janko Lauenberger Guitar

Viola Woigk (voc.)

Berlin studio price of the Senate for Culture

Nominations: German song price, German Rock Price

Education: University of Music "Franz Liszt"

Viola Mirage (Gothic Jazz): album "Come," single "Be sill"

Janko Lauenberger (g.)


Winner of Ella 2006 (Jazz Blues Award)

known from the MdR Documentation "Django's song"

Solo guitarist for "Sinti Swing Berlin"


Robert Göber double bass

Robert Göber (db).

Former. Swing Dance Orchestra band Andrej Hermlin

Education: University of Music "Hanns Eisler"

Bassist for Mantigo, Viola Mirage

Bernd Huber Violine

Bernd Huber (vl).


Winner of the 2006 Ella with Sinti Swing Berlin

Education: University of Music Hanns Eisler

Violinist at Malenki Fun Orchestra

Georg Kaminiczny

Georg Kaminiczny (g.)


Former. George K.-band (jazz)

Guitarist for Viola Mirage

Jazz Swing band for hire or book worldwide, international special prices for Switzerland,Monaco,Dubai,Japan,France iola Woigk

Our previous guest musicians


Violin: Ulli Bartel (RIAS Big Band, NDR Studio Band)


Rhythm guitar: Wilfried Ansin

Marco Böttger

Alexey Krupsky


Bass: Eugene Miller

Christoph Gottwald

Fabian Leu

Hans Lauenberger

Anders Group


Drums: Oliver Steidle

Bernd Rathmeyer

Thomas Woigk

Michael Joch

Meinolf Saggel

Marc "The Boss"



Trumpet: Vit Polak