Swing trio Viola

Let it swing!


There are those special days and evenings that requires a unique atmosphere, a mixture between the Vienna of "The Third Man", the Chicago of the 20s, the 30s Paris and Berlin in the early days and in the year 2015. If there a infested longing for this mood, you're lucky, there are jazz, swing, and salon music of Viola Con Padrinos.


Swing Jazz Band Viola

With rhythm, a lot of improvisation and gentle melancholy interprets the first-class Berlin

Swing Band songs by Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Django Reinhardt to Carlos Jobim, and German swing music and hits from the 20s to the 40s at the highest level.

Experienced musicians of the Berlin jazz scene celebrate sovereign here with a mixture of seductively quiet sounds and wildly virtuosic phrasing the early European jazz in distinctiveness. Viola Woigk sings velvety lascivious alto, and her musical godfather Janko Lauenberger (guitar) leave here with musical guests awaken the good old days.

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The German Swing and Jazz Band Viola Con Padrinos plays loving good old swing music,

Cafe jazz from the 20s to 40s, hot jazz, as well as enchanting gypsy swing in the tradition of Django Reinhardt with a velvety shot of bossa nova.